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The Northeastern Province was established in 1930 when James E. Allen was appointed the first Northeastern Province Polemarch by then Grand Polemarch, Archie A. Alexander.

Our province is made up of over 40 Undergraduate and 30 Alumni Chapters. We cover a geographical area spanning from the tip of New England in the north through Delaware in the south, and Pennsylvania in the west over to Germany and the United Kingdom.

In addition to Germany and the United Kingdom, our province spans the following states:  Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. 


Year Province Polemarch Chapter
1930 James E. Allen Omicron
1930-1933 Harcourt A. Tynes Omicron
1933-1937 James E. Allen Omicron
1937-1940 I.Theodore Donaldson Omicron/New York Alumni
1940-1943 W. Leon Brown Philadelphia Alumni
1943-1945 Rudolph G. Scott New York Alumni
1945-1946 I.Theodore Donaldson New York Alumni
1946-1951 Enos S. Andrews Philadelphia Alumni
1951-1953 William N. Chisholm Brooklyn Alumni
1953-1957 Earnest L. Dimitry New York Alumni
1957-1959 Livingston Wingate New York Alumni
1959-1966 Jackson W. Campbell Boston Alumni
1966-1969 Lancelot Tynes Philadelphia Alumni
1969-1974 Albert G. Oliver New York Alumni
1974-1979 Irving L. Briddell, Jr. Philadelphia Alumni
1979-1981 James M. Kidd Trenton Alumni
1981-1982 Melvin Taylor New York Alumni
1982-1986 Richard A. Scott Harrisburg Alumni
1986-1988 Harold B. Adams Philadelphia Alumni
1988-1991 Samuel C. Hamilton Hartford Alumni
1991-1995 Herman B. Thomas Harrisburg Alumni
1995-1999 Dennis T. Golden Philadelphia Alumni
1999-2002 Tilghman L. Moore Burlington/Camden Alumni
2002-2007 Michael Brewington Brooklyn/Long Island Alumni
2007-2011 Paul H. Huggins Willingboro Ft. Dix/McGuire
2011-2015 Jimmy McMikle Hartford Alumni


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